Yes YOU can!

Yes I can!

What a powerful thought.   

I have my own business, it’s still in its infancy.  I was just doing some vision work, which means envisioning the future of how and what success is to me, my business, my life; in other words what success actually feels and looks like to me.  This is personal – and will be different for everybody.    What are you doing while being successful?  My thoughts are grand and quite audacious.  At one point I thought that perhaps I should be modest and scale back my vision of success, limiting myself by not going for it all.  Then I thought, am I nuts?  There are enough people in this world that would rush to tell me what I can’t do!  I am sure as hell not going to allow myself to be one of them, and neither should you! 

If it needs to become a mantra, when we start doubting what we can do, what schools we can go to, what job we can get we need to stop and shut out the outside world out (if need be) and say to ourselves, yell it out if necessary:


Say if often, then think about a few things that you can do today to help yourself reach that goal.  Goals take work.  Little actions bit by bit will take you there.  If you keep yourself open there may be surprise turns that can launch you to even greater heights than you thought possible. 

No one ever ‘got it all’ by not going for it all.

Keep envisioning your dreams and goals and then let them go and take action. Why let them go?  Because you don’t want to be tied so tightly to your goals that you are not open to a greater opportunity you hadn’t thought of that comes along your way.

There is nothing that humans have created, aside from other humans, that came into fruition without first thinking about it, imagining it, envisioning it.  Everything that is in our made world was first a thought:

The Airbag was first envisioned as a concept in someone’s (German Walter Linderer and American John Hedrik) head before it was designed on paper then created. 

First comes thought, which is a form of energy, then comes the action which is the work.

It’s not enough just to think up the great idea, you must make an actionable plan for it.  Otherwise, it’s just another idea that you had and never did anything with or worse, someone did, and it became a success that you have no part in.

In case you were wondering, nothing good comes easy and if it does come easy then it can go easily too.  

There is a silver-lining with the audacious Yes You Can, Work the Plan mission: If it’s something that you love doing or something that you created (a vision for your successful future) it becomes less about ‘work’ and more about passion.  That is the “secret sauce”, passion, that’s what will fuel your success and keep compelling you forward when you are exhausted, hear rejection, or feel the world is against you.  


So now go, create and do!

Thanks for reading!

Liz Saul


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