Being In the Moment

When I am shooting photography, I am in the moment. Reality fades away, time is continually melding from future to present to past, and all that is left is the now.  I don’t feel the camera in my hands. It becomes an extension of myself.  The only time I am aware it’s not part of me is when for a split second I check my dials and then the trance of oneness begins again. Typically, I am taking hundreds of shots during a shoot, yet there always seems to be that moment when inexplicably I take “The Shot” and if I am really lucky and creativity is flowing, I might be graced with a few of those “it” shots.  

This is my joy, my passion, my reason, my purpose.

We all have something in our hearts that fuels us, that drives us to go back again and again in the pursuit of perfection.  Whether it’s your golf shot, photography, pottery, baking, any sport or act of creation or discovery, there is something that keeps us in the moment, and in that nanosecond of time, all is right in the universe. 

It’s all about doing what you love to keep you present.  

Regardless of the subject matter I am shooting, photography forces me to be in the here and now. And for all the other time of my days not spent behind the lens, there’s a trick that I taught myself to pull me out of my head.  Yes, most of the time when we are not focused at task at hand we are “in our head”.  By the way, to be clear, being in your head or as I often say ‘living inside your head’ is not thinking out problems or creating ideas for the next great screenplay nor does it have anything to do with constructive manifesting [more on that another time] - it’s when we daydream, re-construct our history – plot out our fantasied futures, for example, I bet if I asked anyone what they would do with lottery winnings, I’d get a very precise thought out answer. In truth, the only thing that living in my head has achieved for me is perfecting the art of procrastination.

Here’s the trick:

When I find myself in my illusion, I purposefully close my eyes tight, count for 5 seconds, open them, and concentrate on the details of my surroundings.  Simple, easy and pulls me back into the moment. Then if I hadn’t done so before, I make a list of what I need to do and get on it! 

Whether you are lucky enough to do what you love, or the pay check you get gives you the ability to do what you love, being present in every moment of your life is time well spent.

Hit me up if you need a custom shoot or a photography lesson!  Wherever it is, I will be present.

Thanks for reading!

Liz Saul


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