Thru the Eye of AppealPhotos

AppealPhotos Blog #1


So why AppealPhotos?  How did I come to create this site?  Every creation first comes from your imagination - your imagination IS the birthplace to all creation - you've got to think it and visualize it within your mind's eye before it can come into being.  I'm not the first one to have said this - nor will I be the last, haha.

A few things about us:  

  • AppealPhotos a consortium of different photographers - This is an egoless site, meaning it is not about the photographer, it's about the photograph itself.
  • All of our photographs are produced on metal. That's right, METAL!!!  For the photos to really standout and look as visually real, inviting and luminesce - high resolution is photos produced on metal is vital -which all of ours are.  Metal pictures create a feeling that you could fall into the picture or that its reality is in the room with you.  Aside from the brilliance and that life like quality that the medium offers - it is also archivable.  Metal will not fade - its images will outlast us!  The pictures are also hung away from the wall looking as if it they are floating.  Additionally, metal prints also avoid that 'dated' look.  What you think looks like a great frame and mating choice today, in a few years, will eventually reek of another place and time.
  • AppealPhotos art is available for everyone!  Having said that (I'm not changing my mind we do not ever discriminate) but we were established to elevate the Hotel and Cruise art experience, as well as other public spaces.  When was the last time you went to a hotel and fell in love with your rooms vibe?  If you did - you'll likely want to find a way to re-visit it or would look into visiting another location if it's a chain.  Great art - photography -elevates the end users experience.  When rooms are competing for dollars and doing everything they can to create loyal programs and earn valued repeat business - change the art - this can help earn valuable repeat business exponentially-customers may even inquire to buying pieces from you! 
  • By the way - if any hotel wants the truly local feel for their art, we would be happy to come to your area!  

So that is the short story - believe me there is a longer one.  Maybe next blog I'll tell you the story of how I bumped into metal photography or began shooting again - or my beloved Sony A7 mirrorless full framed camera that if I could marry I would. (that was a real testimonial - I am not getting paid by Sony - though I wouldn't mind haha - I LOVE THAT CAMERA and I recommend it with all my heart and soul! 

So blog one is now complete.  How'd I do?